One hour per week in personal Bible study. (10 min. per day, six days per week)

One hour per week in worship. (Sunday morning, Wednesday night, The Space Between)

One hour per week in serving. (plenty of opportunities on Sundays and Wednesdays)

I would encourage you to gather a few of your closest friends within our church and commit to the challenge together. Check in with one another throughout the week and hold each other accountable for each of the three hours. If we do this, three things will take place:  We will grow in personal holiness, our overall attendance will increase significantly; and, we will have more than enough volunteers to serve others. Here are some Sunday and Wednesday areas where we could use volunteers immediately, as well as the point of contact for each area:

¨ Greeters / Ushers / Shepherds – Brev Hunt

¨ TV Ministry / Sound – Skip Blumenthal

¨ Children’s Church / Nursery – Tracey Landreth

¨ WNS Serving Team – Vicky Meeks

¨ Local Kids – Denise Duke

¨ Family Promise – Missy Blumenthal


Will YOU accept the challenge?