Flea Market

Flea Market for 2018 will be November 3rd…

Mark your Calendars!!

The Flea Market is truly an opportunity for everyone in the church to support mission-related activities.  Twice a year, the United Methodist Men sponsor the Flea Market as a fund-raiser. 
Generating “fleas” is where everyone has an opportunity not only to serve the Lord, but also to clean out our attics as well.  These fleas are not those pesky little critters that torment our cats and dogs.  These fleas are our discarded and no longer used items that may well become someone else’s newfound treasurers. 
This one day event generates money that is then made available to support the many mission areas of our church.  It is a fun day of activities and shared camaraderie. 
The Methodist Men take the lead in pricing and storing the fleas as they come in, and then set up tables in the Market Area just north of the Youth Building on the day of the event. 
It is a fun day and as in all things Methodist, there will be plenty to eat including deep fried pork rinds.  Grab your fleas and come on down.