Young Adults:

The Space Between

The Space Between is a community-wide ministry to college and career aged folks (18-26 yrs.). What started out as a conglomeration of youth from Bonaire UMC, Christ UMC, WR First UMC, and Trinity UMC, has grown much larger and crossed all denominational lines.


We are intentionally focused on creating an atmosphere where young adults can wonder aloud, experience life, and grow together.

New series kicked off last week entitled, "On Earth as it is in Heaven".   If you have been looking for a group to do life with, a place where you can wonder aloud and a place where you can grow, give The Space Between a try.  We are a young adults ministry (18-25) that focuses on the Gospel and what God’s truths mean for our lives and those around us.

For more information, contact Jordan Thigpen or at 478-923-3737, ext. 111.  We hope to see you soon!

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Current Events

Small Groups – We have established healthy small groups for our young ladies and young men, and new folks are joining in these meetings weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm. For more information on where these groups meet each week, please contact Jordan Thigpen at 478-923-3737., ext. 111.