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FUMC Youth Group:

Here and Now

Our goal at FUMC is to provide a rich variety of opportunities for youth to worship, to serve, and to develop their faith. Youth may participate in worship services, Sunday School, Here and Now (formerly the Scarlet Movement), Bible Studies, service and mission projects locally and internationally, and Give-Back Days. Our youth also participate in yearly retreats, mission trips, outings, and recreational activities.


Our youth program is designed to meet the spiritual needs of 6th – 12th grade teenagers. Please join us as we grow and celebrate.​

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Our LineUp

6th —12th Grade Bible Study

Relevant Bible study for youth led by caring adult leaders. It meets Sundays at 9:45 am in the Youth Room 

Here and Now (formerly the UMYF, United Methodist Youth Fellowship, The Scarlet Movement)

We are all about having fun, building friendships, and growing closer to God. 

Sundays :


9:45 am                  Sunday School

5:00-7:00 pm          Middle & High School (6th-12 grade)

Watch the newsletter and the website for additional activities!

Here & Now Events

Here & Now (6th-12th grades)  Only the Young Series is being taught through August 21st from 5-7pm. In this series, we invite students to explore three ideas: what it means to own their own faith, to set an irresistible example to everyone, and to invite the counsel of older, wiser leaders along for the journey. The middle and high school years are a unique phase of life that makes us who we are as we discover who God wants us to be. These years go by fast, but they can be filled with intentionality that produces a deeply rooted faith that they’ll never want to forget they experienced. 

Know God is a 4-week devotional study that will run through the month of August. This devotion will be a great tool to have to help you get to know God even more as you begin the new school year and will help each of us to have an everyday faith! This devotion is about you taking a step, starting you on a journey to help you know God more. Not completely. Not fully. But more than you did yesterday or the day before. Because even though there’s no formula for knowing everything about God, there are a few things you can do every day that will help you know Him better. 

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